Thursday, March 1, 2012

23 Blast : ABOUT THE FILM:

A heroic film about camaraderie and perseverance, 23 Blast is the true story of Travis Freeman and his inspiring journey in finding the courage to live sightless in a world he had to discover afresh. 

In the prime of his youth, Travis lost his sight due to a sinus infection caused by a rare disease.  Overnight, he became irreversibly blind, and had to cope with all the new trials and changes awaiting him.  Despite first giving up on his hopes and any semblance of living a “normal life,” Travis found that the love and support of his family and closest friends could push him to extraordinary heights.  With the strict coaching of a feisty physical therapist, Travis began learning how to live with his disability and to put his life back on track.  His courage and determination proved to those around him that he was the same, fun-loving and talented young man that he was before.  And his attitude and capabilities caught the attention of his former coach, Coach Farris. 

In dire need of extra strength on his front line, Coach Farris did the unthinkable and asked a blind Travis to play for his team, the Corbin Redhounds, again.  Defying the school board and the community’s other parents, Coach Farris put his job on the line believing enough in Travis to let him play. Not as a receiver anymore, but as a center; starting each play of the game by snapping the ball to his quarterback and blocking for him.  Travis re-learned how to play, relying on his other senses and his instincts, and showed that nothing could dampen the spirit of a champion.            


  1. Is there anywhere I can apply to work on the film?

  2. This is amazing news! Good for Travis. His story will be an inspiration to others. I know he has inspired me!