Saturday, April 21, 2012


These are some of the Bulldogs from N. Kentucky, the semi-pro team that did the full-contact plays choreographed by Justin Riemer, the stunt choreographer for "Friday Night Lights".  They were real pros, and really great guys.

Suited Up

Here's Grant Klinksiek. The camera likes him.
Photo by Myrna Suarez

The Colonel and the Director

Dylan does his best Vanna White in front of the door to the original KFC.

Separated At Birth

Kim Zimmer and Travis' mom Mary Freeman, whom she is portraying, are like two peas in a pod; it's amazing how similar in presence and attitude they are.  They have become very close during the shoot.


This is our Production Designer, Adri Siriwatt styling in a classic Corbin Red pick-up.

Keep On Truckin'

Bram Hoover is Jerry Baker & Mark Hapka, Travis Freeman

Growing up Red

Good habits start early.  :)
A fan and her hardcore mini-fan.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Travis Back On The Field

These are the folks who lived the Travis story.  From left: Mary Freeman, Travis' mom; Vicki Baker (in front), mother to Jerry, Travis' friend; Larry Freeman, Travis' dad; and Travis himself.  In the lilac hat is Toni Hoover, who wrote the script with Bram Hoover (who plays Jerry), and behind her is our production coordinator, Adri Siriwatt.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nighttime Action

 Former Director of "One Life To Live"Gary Donatelli (Producer) and actor Dylan Baker (Director) check out the action on the field on the first day of night shooting.  Bram Hoover (Jerry) and Mark Hapka (Travis) stand in the background.

Soap Dish

Guiding Light's Kim Zimmer (Mary Freeman) and "One Life To Live's Crystal Hunt (Molly) about to take a drive around Corbin.  They are loving the hospitality around here!

This is some of the AWESOME crew that is making this shoot such a great experience. We've been so lucky to have them. Here they are kicking back after an exhausting week.  This amazing quartet consists of, clockwise from left: Adri Siriwatt, our very creative Production Designer; Alicia Zaragoza, our ever-vigilant 2nd AD; Patrick Mangan, our 1st AD Extraordinaire, & our Superwoman Line Producer, Carrie Holt de Lama.

Pursue Your Goals

This is Bram Hoover, who plays Jerry Baker in the film.  He helped write the script with Toni Hoover.  The story of Travis sure has come a long way!

These are the fine Corbin athletes who are helping the pros make the field footage look so good.  We have the stunt coordinator from "Friday Night Lights", Justin Riemer, so you are not going to believe how good the plays are going to look!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Publicity Interviews

This is former Senator (and actor) Fred Thompson, being interviewed for our EPK (press kit).
Deirdre Brennan (who plays Mrs. Crawford) is asking the questions.  We have Stephen Lang
as Coach Ferris and Kevin Cooney (Coach Burley) in the background.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cutie Pie

One of the beautiful Corbin kids.  Football training starts early here!

Black Beauty

This is Gigi, our mascot, with Gary Donatelli on the field at Corbin High School, where some of the footage is shot for "23 Blast".  She hunts frogs near our production office, and stares dolefully at us when we are at dinner.  None of us have had a full meal since we've been here.


He plays Travis.  AND he took the majority of eggs on our Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday.  Enjoy them while you can, Mark...

Message From Our Director

 Wrapped up one week on shooting on 23 Blast!   Wow, did that week fly by.  We were all over Corbin with Stephen Lang, Bram Hoover, Mark Hapka, Max Adler, Timothy Busfield, Becky Ann Baker, Kim Zimmer and Fred Dalton Thompson.  We hit the football stadium in Corbin next Tuesday, April 10.  We are going to need extras all week at the stadium to be the crowd for night football.  You want to be in a movie???  Come on out and join us!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

This week coming up, we are shooting some climactic night game footage, and need Corbin's famous Football fealty. It's TIME TO REPRESENT!  Stay tuned for details about time and location, and "Like" us on Facebook and follow is on Twitter @23Blast.  See you at the game!!

Easter Fun

The beautiful Kim Zimmer, who was Reva  on "Guiding Light", plays Travis' mom; hanging with Stephen Lang and Mark Hapka at our Easter picnic today.

We Call Them "The 3 Amigos"--But You Can Call Them Hunks

Mark Hapka is Travis Freeman

Another Hunk

It must be from all that football...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Avatar's Stephen Lang as Coach Farris in the red cap, and Kevin Cooney as Coach Burley.  They make a great team.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Director Dylan Baker with Producer Gary Donatelli.  Dylan loves his bacon & grits, but they give him heartburn. :)

Corbin Red

We're using some talented locals for our film.  Here's one of a number of them, Chance Hendrickson.  This pic is part of a series being shot by our producer, Gary Donatelli (former director on "One Life To Live") which captures the famous Redhounds "Red" that is celebrated throughout Corbin.

Mark Channels Travis

Mark Hapka is suited up and ready for battle on our first day of shooting.  It may be Spring, but it's all FOOTBALL here!