Saturday, April 21, 2012


These are some of the Bulldogs from N. Kentucky, the semi-pro team that did the full-contact plays choreographed by Justin Riemer, the stunt choreographer for "Friday Night Lights".  They were real pros, and really great guys.

Suited Up

Here's Grant Klinksiek. The camera likes him.
Photo by Myrna Suarez

The Colonel and the Director

Dylan does his best Vanna White in front of the door to the original KFC.

Separated At Birth

Kim Zimmer and Travis' mom Mary Freeman, whom she is portraying, are like two peas in a pod; it's amazing how similar in presence and attitude they are.  They have become very close during the shoot.


This is our Production Designer, Adri Siriwatt styling in a classic Corbin Red pick-up.

Keep On Truckin'

Bram Hoover is Jerry Baker & Mark Hapka, Travis Freeman

Growing up Red

Good habits start early.  :)
A fan and her hardcore mini-fan.